The truth about luxury fashion quality

Does this sounds familiar to you: Your mom or your Sister just bought a piece of designer clothes. Is it already falling apart?

Quality-wise they feel that someone cheated on them. What happened to high-end fashion anyway?

Shouldn't it be all about unique design and top quality? 


Instead you, the high-spending fashion lover is getting only mediocracy. It is insane that even the best brands still use plastic for their products.

We have something in common:

I am facing the same problems. My luxury pair of trousers fell apart after 5 months. The case of my luxury sunglasses was cheap smelly plastic. And I am talking about very high-priced things here.


So I came up with an idea. To make it better! Much better!

The new Rolls-Royce of fashion brands


I traveled to the region of Bari in Italy to find the right couture house. It had to be capable of producing top-of-the-line clothes. They should work only with the best artisans and fabric producers. My promise is 100% made in Italy. It worked out well because my partners share the same values with me: To give you only the best.

Our planet

Currently with the way we work we destroy our planet and along with it our health. Unfortunately, the fashion industry contributes on a large scale to it. 



Fashion brands have to throw away huge amounts of unsold articles. Before brands start a collection they estimate how many people will buy it. Sometimes highly inaccurate they end up wasting precious resources. But I found a solution:

How high tech will help us

Did you ever hear of IKEA? It is a home furnishing company that brings out a lookbook every year. But did you know that most of the pictures are not real?

As a fact, they are created by high tech software. They are so advanced that you cannot even tell that they are not real. The picture on the bottom here isn't either by the way. And it will only get even better over time. 

With technology, we can realize whatever idea comes to our mind. The cost is only some electricity.

However, it is precise enough to make the results available to preorder.


How the end result looks:

We know exactly how much to produce. Also there is no risk for you. Even if you preordered you can send it back. Then you receive a prompt and free refund.


Only organic materials 

We choose only to use organic materials in creating our clothes .

How together we will make it better

As a part of us, we will ask you constantly about the issues you are facing with the fashion you buy from us and other brands. Our mission is simple: Creating exciting fashion in the best quality available. Thats why we need you to become part of our family. To help us on building something remarkable. For us and our planet

I promise you nothing less than:

-The best quality you can buy on the market.

-Fascinating designs

-The most precious and natural materials you can find.


And now if you are already dreaming with us it is your turn to make it come true.

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