When I bought my first D&G trousers back in 2016 I thought I would receive something of extraordinary quality but I was wrong. The fabric broke after 6 months of mild usage and I said to myself there must be definitely something better on the market.

Designing a fashion collection is still more or less a guesswork no matter how talented the designer is. Even the best have items in their inventory that are not selling well. And this is wasting a lot of precious resources.

They also miss to interact directly with their customers asking them about their latest wants and needs. Instead they prefer research tools.


A good designer should identify his customers biggest dreams and do magic with the help of his own creativity and personal identity.

How we want to do it

Before every men and woman collection we want to make surveys together with every of our customers. Once we figured out your true wants and needs we will bring fashion of uncompromising beauty to this world. Super personal, exciting and of the best quality. 100% Made in Italy.

The design process

I will create realistic hand drawings for each collection so we can enter the preorder phase with those images. The designs from my collection which get the most attention will be manufactured and those who placed a preorder will always receive the special edition of it for free. 

This approach will save huge resources compared to the regular way of producing everything in advance and throwing the items away which were not sold. I also want you to remember that you can alwyas sent your fashion back at our cost. You will always receive a full and prompt refund. No questions asked. So at the end it is no risk for you and a ton of resources saved for the environment.


At the end our fashion will be closer than ever before to your true desires. In combination with the best quality you can get out there.  I promise to deliver fashion that feels like ecstasy. 


Niel Flemming

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